The Student Experience

The world is full of bright young minds burning to make their mark—and to make a difference. Momentum2 seeks to extend that opportunity to many more deserving students—and maximize the lifelong impacts of a magnificent education.

A UM education is a game-changer. Hailing from every imaginable background and pursuing a dazzling array of dreams, our students share passion, energy, and the potential to inspire and enlighten each other. This continual cross-fertilization energizes our campus environment—and helps prepare our students to thrive in the complex world that awaits them.

    Key Goals
  • Enhance and Improve Campus Environment
  • Expand Scholarships and Ensure Access and Diversity
  • Deepen Support for Life-Changing Learning Opportunities

A scholarship is a life-changer. Chat with any scholarship student, and you’ll hear an unforgettable story about the power of philanthropy to open doors to the deserving. When financial barriers prevent young people from attending or completing their educations at UM, it’s a loss to us all. That’s why raising some $200 million in scholarships is one of the top priorities of Momentum2.

Learning takes place 24/7. The University’s campus environments have come a long way in recent years, but there’s much more to do. Momentum2 will make it possible for the University to facilitate education in the round, from technology-rich classrooms to informal gathering places—and to attract the very best and brightest students.

Great education transcends the classroom. UM students conduct intricate research in high-tech labs, provide services in the local community, and gain hands-on experience in locales from Latin America to Southeast Asia. Momentum2 will make these high-impact learning experiences available to many more students.

Momentum2 will maximize the power of higher education at UM, transforming today’s energetic, ambitious students into tomorrow’s most enterprising and successful leaders.