Research and Faculty Development

Research and Faculty Development

At the heart of every great research university are stellar faculty, outstanding scholars, and a singular environment for nurturing academic excellence, adding to humanity’s wealth of knowledge, and fostering meaningful discoveries. All are central goals of Momentum2.

Outstanding programs demand a powerful commitment. From ophthalmology to oceanography, mechanical engineering to molecular pharmacology, the University is home to acclaimed programs in diverse disciplines—including 12 now ranked among the top half nationwide by the prestigious National Research Council. Momentum2 will allow the University to devote additional resources to those programs that are poised to make major contributions to urgently important fields.

    Key Goals
  • Enhance Support for Outstanding Graduate Students
  • Strengthen Infrastructure to Facilitate Discovery and Attract Stellar Faculty
  • Endow Chairs and Professorships to Support Transformative Scholarship
  • Build Distinctive Programs with Strategic Investments

Excellent faculty require resources to be extraordinary. UM’s world-class scholars are at the top of their fields. Their insights are reported in major media and published in prestigious journals. Through Momentum2, the University will support a breadth and depth of research and graduate programs comparable to those found among members of the AAU (Association of American Universities), which include the nation’s most respected research institutions.

Increasing our momentum demands major infrastructure improvements. Cutting-edge inquiry demands sophisticated laboratories, high-caliber core facilities, and robust administrative support. Excellent resources also allow research teams to garner major federal grants that fund important research and lead to real-world progress. Momentum2 is designed to improve key infrastructure—the cornerstone of success.

New knowledge yields endless dividends. Growing our cohort of topflight investigators will reduce teaching loads and allow a greater focus on research. Endowed chairs, expanded fellowships, and enhanced graduate stipends will attract world-class minds, support sophisticated studies, and inspire many of today’s undergraduate students to become tomorrow’s influential scholars.

Momentum2 will allow the University of Miami to build on a broad array of important breakthroughs—and take significant steps toward fulfilling its limitless potential.